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Websites are the real estate of the virtual world. In the same way that some people choose to invest in houses, others treat buying and selling websites as a business investment.

If you’re looking for a new career or side project that can be done entirely from home, buying and selling websites is worth considering. That said, you should know it’s not easy money. As with real estate investment, there’s inherent risk involved and doing it effectively requires work and skill.

A successful website flipper needs to know how to spot undervalued websites that can be improved with a minimal investment in time and money, then sold for a larger fee.

Recommended for: stock market, investing enthusiasts and risk-takers 

How much can you earn: it can be very lucrative but it’s also a risky endeavour (which is why I recommended it mostly for stock market and investing enthusiasts who aren’t averse to taking some risks!) – but you can potentially make tens of thousands of dollars from a sale (it’s not easy to get to that stage though)

Start-up costs: anywhere from a few hundred to thousands (depends on how much you’re willing to invest) 

Websites are assets – kind of like real estate or stocks; there’s a big market for websites and online businesses that drive a lot of traffic and make money – the more money they can make, the more you can sell them for. 

However, this can be a very high-risk strategy, like with all investing; for one thing, you could be completely wrong about the value of the website you’re flipping or unable to grow it enough and for another, it could be very difficult to find a buyer.

But at the same time, like with many high-risk opportunities, the rewards can also be amazing. 

And another great advantage is that it’s quite easy to get started. 

Flippa is one of the biggest – if not the biggest – website where anyone can buy and sell websites and online businesses; you’ll find a huge array of options, with websites costing anywhere from a few hundred dollars to thousands:

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