How to Sell Products On Online Platforms

Not sure how to start selling your products online? Follow these six steps:

How to sell products online

Choose what products to sell

Before you start selling online, you’ll need to establish what items you want to sell. What you sell online can make or break your business, so be sure to carefully consider your products and profit margins when deciding what to sell.

Decide where to sell online

After establishing your inventory, you’ll need to determine where to sell online. Whether you sell on your own website or a top online marketplace, there are more options than ever for diversifying your selling channels.

Build your online store

Next, you can start building your online store and listing products for sale. Selling on your online store requires ongoing maintenance and optimization — and we recommend partnering with an online marketplace developer like Icono Global to get the best results. 

Set up payment processing

To start selling online, you’ll need to set up payment processing. You have numerous options for accepting online payments, whether you open a merchant account or use a payment processor like PayPal, Square, or Stripe.

Where you sell online will also impact the payment procession solution you choose. But no matter where you sell, you’ll want to enable secure online payments, so people feel comfortable shopping on your site and purchasing from your business.

Select shipping methods

Next, you need to identify the shipping methods and rates you’ll offer. Depending on your country, you may have access to USPS, FedEx, Canada Post, Royal Mail, AU Post, or other carriers. Free shipping entices customers to buy, but remember that you’ll need to absorb that cost.

Some online marketplaces — like Amazon — offer fulfillment and shipping options to help you sell more online.

So, be sure to consider all the options and rates available when determining where to sell online. 

Promote your online business

Finally, you’ll need to market your online business, so people can easily find your site and purchase. You can have the most beautify-designed site and world-class products, but without proper optimization and promotion, nobody will be able to find your ecommerce store or your profile on a top selling site.

Marketing can make or break your online sales, so be sure to invest in digital marketing services — like search engine optimization (SEO) and website maintenance — that set your site up for long-term success.

Do I need a website?

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