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Businesses around the world are communicating across mediums and need images to buttress their messages. Not all business can afford to commission a photographer to shoot pictures exclusively for them. That’s where selling stock photos online is becoming popular as it enables businesses to access generic stock images at a fraction of the cost.

Recommended for: professional and amateur photographers 

How much can you earn: you can earn a few hundred dollars a month if you produce enough photos 

Start-up costs: none – as long as you already have a camera; if you don’t have a good camera, then it will cost you a few hundred dollars at least to get one (luckily though, there are a lot of great options that aren’t that expensive, since camera quality has evolved a lot over recent years)

Stock photography is a hot commodity, as every business and marketer needs to use photos regularly: on websites and landing pages, in emails, in social media updates, in marketing campaigns and so on. 

It’s not really a way to make a full-time income – you only make a percentage of each sale and there are a lot of great photos out there to compete with – but it’s a really easy way to make some extra money every month. Plus, if you’re passionate about photography, it won’t even feel like a job – just a fun way to spend your time and make some money along the way. 

And there’s another amazing advantage: it’s a truly passive way to earn a bigger income every month: once you’ve built an extensive library of stock photos (think 400-500 photos) and submitted to various stock photography sites, you can just sit back and wait for the sales to come in – the more photos you submit though, the better the chances that your earnings from stock photography will increase as well. 

As for where to sell your stock photos, there are numerous options:

  • Sign up and submit your photos to large stock photography sites
  • Sign up for any niche stock photography sites if you want to focus on a certain type of photography
  • Create your own site and sell your photography directly (this way, you’ll make a much larger profit although it’s more difficult to get clients – you’ll need to invest in a lot of SEO so that you can pop up in the right search results, as well as promote your photography on social media and other platforms) 

If you want to do this but aren’t that confident in your photography skills, you can always take an online photography course to brush up your skills; you can find a lot of amazing ones on Udemy, both for beginners and more experienced users.

Do I need a website?

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