Create & Sell Webinars

So, you know you want to design a webinar – but you aren’t sure how to structure it. You can create webinars that actually work. After all, the last thing you want to do is spend hours and hours putting together something that ultimately doesn’t help you sell your product.

Recommended for: those who have another product or service to sell or promote, or a skill that they can teach others 

How much can you earn: anywhere from a few hundred dollars to thousands per webinar 

Start-up costs: under $50-$100 per month – all you need is a webinar software, but the pricing usually depends on how many attendees you’ve got

Webinars can be used in a variety of ways to make money:

  • Use them to promote a product or service you’re offering (for example, if you’re a consultant or have an online course) by creating a free webinar 
  • Use them to promote affiliate products and make money from affiliate sales 
  • Sell webinars directly by offering enough value (basically, kind of like an online course, in a way)

Each option can be highly effective and can help you make a lot of money if you pick a good topic and have an amazing promotional strategy (because if you can’t get people to attend your webinar, then you’re not going to make much money either); here are some other important facts and tips to remember about webinars:

  • There are several different types of webinars: live webinars (they happen at a certain time and are recorded live), on-demand webinars (pre-recorded webinars that people can watch at any moment), automated webinars (webinars that happen at a certain time but are recorded beforehand) and hybrid webinars (pre-recorded webinars with the host attending and participating live) 
  • Webinars generally run for 45 minutes + 15 extra minutes at the end of the webinar, reserved for a Q&A session
  • You’ll need to create a landing page for your webinar – this is where people will register (and pay, if that’s the case); the good news is, you can use a tool like ClickMeeting to create and host your webinar, as well as create a landing page for it); this is also the page you’ll use to promote your webinar and should contain all the relevant information regarding the date and time, as well as what attendees will be getting out of your webinar
  • Use automated emails to drive up attendance: as soon as someone registers for your webinar, they should receive an email with all the relevant information; then, you should keep sending your registrants regular emails to remind them of the webinar (ideally, you should create an email sequence that sends all of the emails automatically, at the right time – I use ConvertKit
  • Prep additional resources and materials: give away some free resources to your webinar attendees to provide them more value and entice them to buy  

To create and host a webinar, I recommend ClickMeeting – it’s an all-in-one webinar software with numerous useful features to help you promote your webinar and create a better, more engaging experience for all of your attendees; for example, you can:

  • Add custom branding to your webinar and webinar room 
  • Create a webinar waiting room that keeps people engaged
  • Create a registration/landing page for your webinar, as well as a thank-you page 
  • Set up customized invitations to drive up registrations
  • Stream to Facebook or YouTube
  • Use whiteboards, presentations, screen sharing, quizzes and more to make your webinar as engaging as possible 

What do I need to start?


To get started, you need a website and you can build a webinar website with no coding skills with a easy Drag-&-Drop WordPress builder. Get 300+ design templates, 1-click WordPress installation, web hosting & domain registration, all for only $2.95/mo with Bluehost, the #1 trusted WordPress hosting. Signup now.

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