An online workshop is a course that is offered on a digital platform that imparts specialized knowledge through videos, text, photos, and infographics. An online workshop, as opposed to training, aims to explore a subject thoroughly and actively. It is a fantastic opportunity for participants to engage in hands-on activities that will teach them things quickly and easily.

Who Is It Recommended for?

 An online workshops business is recommended for those who are great with people and who have the power to guide and motivate people towards success. 

How much can you earn?

You could make a few hundred dollars (or even thousands, as your business grows) by hosting online classes, but you’ll need to combine this with blogging and/or email marketing (at the very least, it will make it much easier to promote and sell these services).

Start-up costs

The main thing you’ll need to run your online event is a good webinar/meeting tool; something like WebinarJam is ideal for this. You should also have at least a landing page where people can get information and sign up; you can use Landingi to create your page in minutes. Additionally, you should use an email marketing tool like ConvertKit to grow your subscriber list and attract clients. And of course, just like with coaching, you should also get a better website.

This is essentially coaching or consulting for bigger groups of people; there is less money to be earned from this and it’s not exactly a scalable model, but it may be a great opportunity to earn some additional cash if you enjoy working with people and being of service to them.

However, if you’re already well-known as a coach or consultant in your field, you might be able to attract a large audience to your retreat and make a sizable profit as a result.

In essence, it’s something similar to creating a workshop or series of events, but entirely online; it can be composed of:

  • Live seminars where you impart various skills to your audience
  • Q&A sessions: Your attendees can ask you any questions during live discussions, and you will honestly respond to them.
  • Brainstorming sessions: Encourage your attendees to generate fresh ideas by setting up group brainstorming meetings. It usually helps to chat to more people and get different perspectives on your ideas.
  • Online classes: By employing online courses, you can educate your attendee’s on new skills and help them hone their already acquired ones.

What do I need to start?

To get started, you need a website and you can build a website with no coding skills with a easy Drag-&-Drop WordPress builder. Get 300+ design templates1-click WordPress installationweb hosting & domain registration, all for only $2.95/mo with Bluehost, the #1 trusted WordPress hosting

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